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Type Curve Analysis

Wellbore Utility & Field Analysis

Land/ Mineral Evaluations

Reserve Reports


Advising investors with detailed analysis for A&D evaluations, including leasing and mineral analysis.  Working with mid-stream organizations to determine infrastructure needs and project viability.


Working with attorneys to determine fair market value for personal and family trust for oil and gas holdings.


Provides detailed reserve reports and economic viability for all E&P projects.


Working with operators to determine capital budgets, full-field development, and wellbore utility for all play types (conventional and unconventional). We provide on-site professional engineering consultation for all your needs.

Who We Serve

Brett Dawkins

Brett Dawkins has held multiple engineering roles including operations/production, drilling, and reservoir for both small and large independent operators like Devon, Chesapeake, SandRidge, and Longfellow Energy. His vast work history includes many of the major domestic basins as well as exposure to international basins. Brett provides reserve and economic evaluations, acquisition and divestiture advising, field development planning, and well reviews including operation and reservoir optimization for the oil and gas industry.

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