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Luke Riggins P.E. OK #24937

(405) 264-3283




Managing Partner/Engineer (1/14 –present)

Tres Management, Oklahoma City, OK

Responsible for managing all aspects of an Engineering and Consulting Firm as well as provide engineering expertise for multiple engineering projects in multiple areas.


  • Manage an office staff of 2-3 and 30-80 contractors

  • Negotiate and manage credit line

  • Implement accounting system changes to streamline financial analysis

  • Maintain current client relationships and develop new business

  • Prepare and present quarterly results and business plan to senior partners


  • Drilled and completed deep vertical wells in Garvin county Oklahoma.  Providing all production, drilling and completion engineering for the field as needed.

  • Currently managing the completion program for Grady/McClain County Woodford horizontal program

  • Drilled and completed a horizontal Hunton well and an SWD in southern NE.  This included designing and managing the construction of a water gathering system and a central tank battery.

  • Drilled, completed and managed production on a horizontal mission canyon well in ND, multiple wells in MI and multiple southern KS horizontals.

  • Managed several projects for NNG on their storage fields in Redfield, IA.    

    • Managed all logistics and personnel for the $1.5-$5MM projects. 

    • Tracked costs and provided weekly cost updates to NNG. 

Completions/Production Engineer (5/09-12/13)

Devon Energy, Oklahoma City, OK

Responsible for completion design and oversite of 3-8 rig lines in the Cana Woodford area.  This equated to approximately 200 completions.  I also provided production engineering for 300 existing wells.

Completions Engineering:  Responsible for all aspects of well completion on my assigned rigs. 

  • Solicited and evaluated bids, and selected contractors for all completion work.    

  • Designed and implemented an optimal completion design based on evaluation of production results.  

  • Designed variable testing programs for infill sections.  

  • Proposed frac and flow method to reduce frac bashing on offset wells. This method prevented lost production and reserves. 

  • I was on call 24 hrs and was the first call for any issues during frac jobs, drill outs and completion unit work. 

  • Wrote Budget AFE’s and LOE projections for each budget cycle. 

  • Responsible for well costs meeting AFE’s and staying within LOE projections.  


Production Engineering:  Responsible for meeting production targets and LOE goals on 300 wells. 

  • Provided yearly LOE estimates for budget purposes. 

  • Designed and supervised all workovers and recompletions in my area. 

  • Reviewed production daily. 

  • Developed, scheduled and conducted monthly well review for all my routes. 


Strategic Planning:  Worked on a multi-disciplinary team to develop and implement a development and exploitation strategy for an emerging play. 

  • Participated in weekly meetings. 

  • Presented plans as needed to management. 


Special projects:

  • Provided monthly frac water forecasts and quantified the fresh water resources in a two county area in western Oklahoma to insure no interruptions in the frac schedule. 

  • Developed a frac schedule that could handle multiple crews, and run multiple scenarios with minimal work.  Updated and distributed weekly and as needed for budget purposes. 

  • Evaluated production string csg designs for exploration areas as play expanded also presented multiple cost saving casing designs. 

  • Drilled a water source well. 

  • Permitted and started construction on a water recycling facility. 

  • Campus recruiting/interview team (2008-13). 


Rotational Engineer (8/07-5/09)

Devon Energy, Oklahoma City, OK

As a rotational engineer I spent 6-9 months in positions as an drilling engineer, operations engineer, and reservoir engineer.


Drilling Engineer: I worked as a rig supervisor on HP 224 and HP 375 then as a drilling engineer supporting both rigs out of the OKC office. During this time I drilled approximately 25 horizontal wells.

  • As a drilling rig supervisor I was responsible for all operations on the rig and ensuring that the drilling procedure was followed. I worked in this role for 6 months and supervised multiple horizontal wells from spud to TD.

  • As a drilling engineer I worked on a multi-disciplinary team. 

    • Insured all approvals were completed before spudding. 

    • Provided the rig with the drilling procedure and all necessary documents before spud. 

    • Provided 24 hour support for any issues encountered during drilling. 

    • Managed multiple horizontal wells from planning to TD. 

Operations Engineer:  I provided production/completions engineering for conventional and CBM production in the San Juan Basin NM.

  • Responsible for daily production in the San Juan Business Unit. 

  • Researched and designed and proposed workovers and recompletions. 

    • Evaluated reports to determine actual WB configuration. 

    • Wrote AFE’s. 

    • Evaluated log for up hole recompletion potential. 

Reservoir Engineer:  I provided reservoir engineering for conventional and unconventional areas in Western OK.

  • Evaluated all OBO proposals for western Oklahoma and presented a recommendation to management.

    • Evaluated logs. 

    • Calculated reserves and drainage areas. 

    • Developed representative type curves using PI Dwights and RTA. 

    • Calculated economics. 

    • Quantified risk using lognormal distributions. 


  • Worked on a Multi-disciplinary team to compile the 2009 budget for CANA.

    • Input production cases in PEEP. 

    • Ran multiple budget cases. 

    • Presented the proposed budget, along with supporting engineering, to several layers of management, and was approved. 

Field Engineer, (8/06-8/07)

Devon Energy, Farmington, NM

Pumper: Maintained a route of 25 wells. Production was primarily gas and included multiple well head compressors, central compression points, pumping units on highly deviated wells, plungers, a produced water system and a central distribution point.

  • Responsible for:

    • Meeting production targets. 

    • Location and equipment maintenance. 

    • Weekly pigging of gathering lines. 

    • Maintenance of 1 SWD. 

Rig Supervisor: Supervised a work over rig repairing wells and prepping new completions.  

  • Responsible for:

    • All daily rig operations and related services. 

    • Cost tracking actual to AFE. 

    • Prepping locations ahead of the rig. 

Salt Water Disposal Redesign and Construction

One of the major issues affecting production was increasing disposal pressures on the company operated disposal wells. The separation and filtration system was allowing oil and solids down hole resulting in formation damage requiring periodic acid jobs to remedy. The system also required the filters to be changed out weekly resulting in high operating costs.  I was tasked with finding a cost effective solution.

I compiled and presented a solution that included adding a water leg to one of the existing tanks and adding another stage of filtration.  The system design estimated costs and a timeline were presented and accepted by management. I managed the construction of the modifications and the operating cost on the facility were reduced significantly.

Field Drilling Engineer/Supervisor: Responsible for support of the drilling rig working in the field. 

  • Experience with:

    • Conventional water based mud drilling,

    • Air drilling,

    • Aerated mud drilling.  Created a spread sheet for the drilling supervisor and superintendent to expedite the calculation of equivalent mud weight. 

Field Completions Engineer: Responsible for coordinating completion operations including, perforating, frac operations, flow back and assisted in several cavitation’s on CBM wells.


  • B.S. Petroleum Engineering 2006, Colorado School of Mines

  • Registered Professional Engineer Oklahoma PE 24937

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